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The Power of Colour in Branding SME’s

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Do your brand colours work well together?

When it comes to branding for small to medium businesses, the choice of colours can have a huge impact. It can evoke emotions, convey messages, and influence perceptions. As a team of SEO enthusiasts and creatives at CTO Digital, we’ve recently been involved in designing a logo for a local accountant. Through this experience, we discovered the powerful combination of blue and gold, which inspired us to explore other effective colour combinations for branding small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

We have asked our design team to get researching and to come up with a range of colours that work together for small to medium businesses.

abstract wallpaper version of depression and anxiety in vibrant colours.

The Psychology of Colour

Before diving into specific colour combinations, it’s essential to understand the psychology of colour. Different colours can evoke various emotions and reactions. Here’s a brief overview of what some common colours typically represent:

  • Blue: Trust, dependability, calmness, professionalism.
  • Gold: Prestige, wealth, success, quality.
  • Red: Energy, passion, excitement, urgency.
  • Green: Growth, health, tranquility, nature.
  • Yellow: Optimism, happiness, warmth, clarity.
  • Black: Sophistication, elegance, authority, power.
  • White: Purity, simplicity, cleanliness, peace.
  • Purple: Luxury, creativity, wisdom, spirituality.
  • Orange: Enthusiasm, creativity, warmth, friendliness.

Understanding these basic colour associations can help you choose the right colours to represent your brand’s values and connect with your target audience.

Effective Colour Combinations

Blue and Gold
As we discovered in our logo design for the accountant, blue and gold is a classic combination that exudes professionalism and success. Blue’s calming and trustworthy qualities balance perfectly with gold’s prestige and quality. This combination is ideal for businesses in finance, consulting, and high-end services.

Red and White
Red and white create a striking and energetic combination. Red’s passion and excitement are balanced by white’s simplicity and cleanliness. This combination is often used in the food industry (think of popular fast-food chains) to attract attention and stimulate appetite.

Green and Brown
Green and brown is a natural and earthy combination, making it perfect for businesses related to health, wellness, and the environment. Green symbolises growth and health, while brown represents stability and reliability. This combination works well for organic brands, outdoor activities, and eco-friendly products.

Purple and Silver
Purple and silver exude luxury and sophistication. Purple’s creativity and wisdom paired with silver’s sleek and modern feel make this combination ideal for high-end brands, beauty products, and tech companies that want to convey innovation and elegance.

Orange and Blue
Orange and blue create a vibrant and energetic contrast. Orange brings enthusiasm and friendliness, while blue offers trust and dependability. This combination is great for brands that want to appear both approachable and professional, such as in the technology and creative industries.

Black and Yellow
Black and yellow is a bold and attention-grabbing combination. Black’s authority and power are offset by yellow’s optimism and warmth. This combination is often used in the fashion industry and by brands that want to convey confidence and innovation.

Teal and Coral
Teal and coral create a fresh and modern combination. Teal’s calming and sophisticated qualities pair well with coral’s energetic and vibrant feel. This combination is perfect for lifestyle brands, interior design, and any business aiming for a contemporary and chic image.

Yellow hoodie, black trousers

Tips for Choosing the Right Colours for Your Brand

Know Your Audience
Consider your target audience when selecting colours. Different demographics may respond differently to various colours. For example, younger audiences might prefer brighter, more energetic colours, while older audiences might lean towards more subdued, classic tones.

Consider Your Industry
Certain industries have colour conventions that can influence your choice. For instance, blue is prevalent in finance and technology due to its association with trust and professionalism. On the other hand, green is common in health and wellness due to its connection with nature and tranquility.

Reflect Your Brand Values
Your brand’s colours should align with your core values and mission. If your brand focuses on luxury and exclusivity, colours like purple and gold can convey that message. If your brand emphasises innovation and creativity, bold and vibrant colours like red or orange might be more suitable.

Keep It Simple
While it’s tempting to use a wide range of colours, simplicity often leads to stronger brand recognition. Stick to a primary colour and one or two complementary colours. This approach ensures your brand remains visually cohesive and easy to recognise.

Test Your Colours
Before finalising your colour scheme, test it across different mediums and formats. Colours can appear differently on screens, print materials, and merchandise. Ensure your chosen colours maintain their impact and clarity across all platforms.

Look at the Competition
Analyse the colour schemes used by your competitors. While you don’t want to mimic them, understanding the industry standards can help you choose colours that set you apart while still fitting within your market.

Use Colour Psychology
Leverage the psychology of colour to evoke the desired emotional response from your audience. For example, if you want to create a sense of urgency, red might be a good choice. If you want to in-still a sense of calm and trust, blue could be more appropriate.

Need Help in Discovering Your Colour Combination?

Colour is a powerful tool in branding, capable of conveying complex messages and evoking specific emotions. For SMEs, choosing the right colour combinations can make a significant impact on brand perception and customer engagement. By understanding the psychology of colour, considering industry standards, and reflecting your brand values, you can create a visually compelling and memorable brand identity.

At CTO Digital, we love nothing more than being creative and helping businesses discover the perfect colour combinations for their branding. Whether it’s the classic pairing of blue and gold or the vibrant contrast of orange and blue, the right colours can elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression.

Remember, your brand’s colours are more than just a visual element—they’re a key part of your brand’s story. Choose wisely, test thoroughly, and watch as your brand comes to life in the minds of your audience.

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