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Follow vs. No Follow: Which link benefits you the most?

Whats the difference between follow & no follow links

Are you a UK business looking to understand how to create a link building strategy to help your SEO? If so, read on.

Understanding Follow V’s No Follow:

In the world of SEO, link building plays a crucial role in improving website visibility and authority. Understanding the distinction between follow and no follow links is essential for crafting an effective link building strategy. Here at CTO Digital, we have a wealth of experience in building link strategies that enable businesses to dominate in their business sector. Here we will delve into the knowledge of our SEO team in view of giving you a better understanding of follow and no follow links.

The Importance of Link Building:

Link building is a fundamental practice in the digital realm, serving as the bedrock for online success. It revolves around the process of acquiring hyperlinks from external websites that seamlessly guide users towards your own web domain. Beyond its overt function of physically connecting webpages, link building holds profound implications for a website’s overall reputation and visibility. By strategically curating a network of high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources, you not only bolster your website’s credibility but also send strong signals to search engines about its relevance and authority within its niche. In essence, link building is the bridge that spans the digital landscape, connecting your website to a broader audience while simultaneously solidifying its standing in the eyes of both users and search engines alike.

How To Obtain Backlinks:

For UK business owners, understanding how to obtain backlinks is crucial for online success. Backlinks play a vital role in search engine rankings, credibility, and visibility. Knowing how to acquire quality backlinks from reputable sources helps boost organic traffic, increase brand exposure, and establish authority in the digital landscape, leading to improved business growth and profitability.

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a) Content Creation: Crafting compelling and shareable content attracts natural links from other websites.

b) Outreach: Actively reaching out to relevant websites and influencers to secure guest posts or collaborative opportunities.

c) Directories and Citations: Submitting your business to reputable online directories helps build authoritative backlinks.

d) Social Media Engagement: Engaging with your audience on social platforms can lead to link opportunities.

Follow Links: The Power of Link Juice::

Follow links are HTML tags that pass link equity from the referring website to your site. They contribute to your website’s authority and can positively impact search engine rankings. Follow links are particularly valuable when obtained from reputable, relevant, and high-traffic websites.

No Follow Links: Beyond Direct SEO Value:

No follow links contain HTML tags that instruct search engines not to follow the link. While they do not directly contribute to search engine rankings, they still hold considerable benefits:

a) Referral Traffic: No follow links can generate targeted traffic to your website.

b) Brand Exposure: Even without passing link equity, no follow links expose your brand to a wider audience.

c) Natural Link Profile: A mix of follow and no follow links appears more natural to search engines, enhancing your website’s credibility.

Balancing Follow and No Follow Links::

Balancing the incorporation of follow and no follow links within your link building strategy is paramount to its success. Follow links, often regarded as the primary currency in the world of SEO, have a direct impact on search engine rankings. They pass on authority and equity from the source website to yours, essentially vouching for your content’s credibility and relevance. However, it’s essential not to overlook the significance of no follow links. These links, while not influencing search rankings directly, offer a host of other valuable advantages. They contribute to diversification by ensuring that your link profile appears natural and not overly manipulated to search engines. Moreover, no follow links can be an invaluable source of referral traffic, channeling potential visitors to your website from various sources, and expanding your online presence.

Furthermore, no follow links play a crucial role in brand exposure and reputation management. They can lead users to your website, even if they don’t carry the same SEO weight as follow links. When well-balanced, a link building strategy that combines both follow and no follow links not only enhances your website’s search engine visibility but also ensures a more robust and resilient online presence. It’s akin to building a diverse investment portfolio, spreading risk, and maximising the potential for growth in different areas. Striving for this equilibrium is essential for long-term link building success, as it not only caters to search engine algorithms but also appeals to real human audiences seeking valuable and trustworthy content. In conclusion, the judicious fusion of follow and no follow links is the cornerstone of a well-rounded, effective link building strategy that yields substantial dividends for your website.

Responding to Reviews:

Engaging with customer reviews is crucial for both SEO and website conversion. Responding to reviews, whether positive or negative, demonstrates that your business values customer feedback and is dedicated to providing excellent service. Responding promptly and professionally can turn dissatisfied customers into loyal ones and create positive brand experiences. Search engines also consider review responses as an indication of active business engagement, further enhancing your SEO efforts.

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Link Building Best Practices:

a) Relevance: Focus on acquiring links from websites relevant to your industry or niche.

b) Authority: Seek links from authoritative and reputable sources to enhance your website’s credibility.

c) Quality Over Quantity: Prioritise quality backlinks over a large number of low-quality links.

d) Diversify Anchor Text: Use varied anchor text to avoid over-optimisation and maintain a natural link profile.

Some questions we regularly get asked about backlinks..

Should you use no follow links?

Absolutely! No follow links play a crucial role in your overall backlink strategy. While follow links are highly valued by search engines, no follow links shouldn’t be overlooked. They contribute to a natural link profile, diversify your backlink portfolio, and enhance your website’s credibility. Moreover, using no follow links demonstrates ethical linking practices, which search engines appreciate.

Why do people use no follow links?

People utilise no follow links for various reasons, including:

  • User-generated content: Websites with user-generated content, like forums or blog comments, often implement no follow links to prevent spam and maintain quality.
  • Sponsored content: When endorsing products or services through sponsored content, search engines require no follow links to ensure transparency and avoid manipulation.
  • Untrusted or unknown sources: Linking to untrusted or unknown sources can potentially harm your website’s reputation. Using no follow links adds an extra layer of protection.

Should I use follow or no follow?

It depends on your specific goals and circumstances. Follow links are beneficial for organic search rankings and passing link equity. They are typically preferred for authoritative and trusted websites. On the other hand, no follow links are useful when you want to avoid passing link equity, maintain a balanced link profile, or adhere to search engine guidelines. Both types of links have their place in a well-rounded SEO strategy.

Do no follow backlinks help?

Absolutely! While no follow links may not directly impact organic rankings, they offer several advantages, including:

  • Referral traffic: No follow links can still drive valuable traffic to your website, increasing brand exposure and potential conversions.
  • Brand visibility: When your website is mentioned on reputable platforms, even with a no follow link, it boosts your brand’s visibility and authority.
  • Natural link profile: A diverse backlink profile consisting of both follow and no follow links appears more natural to search engines, improving your overall SEO efforts.

So, to follow or no follow:?

Follow and no follow links each play a unique role in enhancing your website’s visibility and authority. While follow links directly contribute to search engine rankings, no follow links offer valuable benefits such as referral traffic and brand exposure. A well-rounded link building strategy should incorporate both types, focusing on relevance, authority, and diversification. By partnering with CTO Digital, a leading SEO and web design agency, you can harness the power of link building to boost your online presence and drive success for your SME in the competitive UK market.

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