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CTO Digital do SEO differently to other agencies, we look to COLLABORATE TOGETHER with your business to work as a team. We make SEO simple for you to understand, we cut out the jargon and focus on getting results for you!

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Are your ideal customers and clients finding you?

You’ve invested time and money in to your website but your ideal customers are still not finding you when they search online for the products or services you sell. Maybe you’ve heard SEO is what you need but it sounds to complex and your eyes glaze at the thought of SEO being explained. Maybe your current SEO agency is not getting you the right results? This is very common and the very reason Collaborate Together Online was formed. Suffer no more!

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Our SEO work process

We have a process that gets results for our clients every time. This process has benefited 100’s of clients and driven 1000’s of first page Google rankings.

Keyword Research

We work with you to conduct keyword research and agree keyword targets. There is no point in ranking for terms that drive no ROI.

Work Begins

We get to work on driving improvement to your Google rankings and coverage while you get to work servicing your newly found customers.

Check In

Your Customer Account Manager will check in with you numerous times to relay the work we are carrying out and reporting successes.

Reporting & Evidence

We report and evidence the work we have done and what impact the SEO work has had on your rankings, exposure and enquiries received.

Why choose CTO Digital as your SEO agency?

With a sea of ‘SEO Experts’ that can be found online, CTO likes to do things a little differently. We have a proven SEO process that delivers results every time. CTO Digital delivers results by working together closely with our clients transparently. 

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“I am extremely satisfied with the SEO services provided by CTO Digital. Their expertise and dedication have greatly improved my website’s visibility and organic traffic. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking outstanding SEO results. My relationship with my account manager Lee Bryan gets better month on month.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

When working with CTO Digital, we can work with almost any budget. Whether you have £100 or £10000 as your budget, we can tailor your SEO strategy to your affordability. The more you can invest in your SEO the more work we will do for you. You own all of the work we carry out so no money ever gets wasted.

No we do not offer any contracts, we do not tie our clients to work with us. Here at CTO Digital, we believe you should only continue with your SEO work if you’re happy. We ask for a weeks notice if you wish to cancel your SEO plan.

Yes, we offer to do SEO as a ongoing monthly strategy or we can also do SEO as a one-off piece of work. This is rare as once a client gets to see their rankings improve, they generally want more SEO work doing.

Yes, your account manager will be in regular contact with you to explain not only the work we are doing, but also why we do that work. We are a transparent agency that likes to be clear with our clients how we get results.

SEO is an effective way to reach your target audience on Google, if this would help your business then yes, you need SEO. SEO is a great way of getting enquiries to your business from new clients and customers. We work with SEO clients in almost all industries, from locksmiths, accountants, mortgage advisors and driveway companies, all that benefit greatly from our SEO services.

Be wary of any SEO agency that can promise immediate results. The time on getting results will depend on the competitiveness of the keywords you want to rank for. With CTO Digital, you will start seeing results by month 2 generally.

Yes, we offer easy to understand reporting. The reports we deliver outline the work we agreed to do, evidence we have done the work and proof of the impact the work has had. Your Account Manager will regularly be updating you on the progress we make.

No, when doing SEO we aim. to get you found organically on Google, meaning Google does not charge us or you for holding that position. Paying to be at the top of Google is Google Adwords, this is a marketing activity that is different to SEO.

Tailored SEO Strategies that can suit any business..

For UK SMEs aiming to rank on Google, a tailored SEO strategy is essential for achieving success. Locksmiths may have a very different goal to an accountant. Every business has unique goals, target audience, and industry dynamics, requiring a customised approach. By conducting thorough keyword research, optimising website content, building quality backlinks, and implementing local SEO tactics, a tailored strategy ensures higher visibility, relevant traffic, and improved conversions. It allows businesses to optimise resources, stay ahead of competitors, and align their SEO efforts with the specific needs and characteristics of the UK market, maximising their chances of ranking success.

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Local SEO - Put Your Business On The Map

Local SEO with CTO Digital enables you to get more qualified leads from your local area. Local SEO focuses on targeting customers within a specific geographic area, such as a town, city or region, to drive relevant local traffic and increase visibility to potential customers nearby. Local SEO techniques include optimising website content with location-specific keywords, creating and optimising Google My Business profiles, managing online reviews and ratings, and obtaining local citations from authoritative directories. By implementing CTO Digitals local SEO strategies, businesses can enhance their online presence in the local market and attract more customers within their vicinity.

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E-commerce SEO - Increase your online sales

E-commerce SEO by CTO Digital is the practice of optimising an e-commerce website to improve its visibility and rankings in search engine results pages. It involves various strategies like keyword research, on-page optimisation, technical optimisation, link building, and user experience enhancements. By implementing e-commerce SEO, you can enjoy numerous benefits. These include increased organic traffic, higher rankings for relevant keywords, improved visibility in search engines, enhanced brand authority and credibility, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, greater sales and revenue. E-commerce SEO by CTO Digital helps businesses attract targeted traffic and get more sales.

WordPress SEO - Get more leads from WordPress

WordPress SEO involves optimising a website built on the WordPress platform to improve its search engine rankings and visibility. It includes techniques like optimising content, sitemaps, site speed, mobile responsiveness, and more. Partnering with a trusted WordPress SEO agency like CTO Digital offers many benefits. We possess in-depth knowledge of WordPress SEO best practices, ensuring effective implementation. With our expertise, you can enhance your website’s SEO performance, attract targeted organic traffic, improve user experience, and stay ahead of competitors. As a reliable WordPress SEO agency, CTO Digital can provide customised strategies to maximise a WordPress website’s potential and achieve long-term SEO success.

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