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Has your Google My Business listing been suspended? Is your GMB listing no longer being found? If you’re a UK based business who is having trouble with your Google My Business Listing, we are here to help. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with suspended Google My Business profiles.

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We Fix Your Suspended Google My Business Profile

You had a listing on Google My Business that was generating you calls and enquiries that has disappeared? You have changed your address and Google have now suspended your listing? We see this every day, this is our bread and butter and have a wealth of knowledge in reinstating Google My Business profiles.

Google My Business Suspensions

Our GMB reinstatement process

We have a process that gets results for our clients every time. This process has benefited 100’s of clients and driven 1000’s of first page Google rankings.


We give you our agency code so that we can become a manager of your Google My Business profile.


We review how and why your GMB listing has been suspended and what we need to do to resolve this issue.


We make the relevant changes to your profile, supply the relevant documentation and appeal your suspension.


We get your Google My Business profile live so that you can receive calls, enquiries and leads once again.

Why choose CTO Digital to reinstate your GMB profile?

We have 100’s of Google My Business profiles under our management that are at the very top of Google, driving leads, enquiries and sales to our clients. We work closely with you to resolve any issues your profile maybe having.

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“I am extremely satisfied with the Google Listing Optimisations services provided by CTO Digital. Their expertise and dedication have greatly improved my website’s visibility and organic traffic. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking outstanding SEO results. My relationship with my account manager Lee Bryan gets better month on month.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

The duration for resolving a suspended profile varies depending on the seriousness of the suspension and if we have to engage with other parties. Some suspension cases may be more time-consuming due to the documentation required. Once we receive your email, we will initiate the process of addressing your profile suspension promptly. However, it may take up to four weeks to fully reinstate your profile, depending on your responsiveness and the responsiveness of Google. In many cases, the resolution process is faster.

A Google My Business suspension occurs when Google restricts your ability to modify and maintain your Business Profile due to violations of Google My Business guidelines. If your Business Listing undergoes suspension, you will receive an email notification from Google and encounter a notice within your Profile Dashboard.

A hard suspension represents a permanent account suspension imposed by Google. In the case of a hard suspension, your ability to make any further updates to your profile is permanently revoked. Additionally, you may also lose the privilege to create new Business Listings.

Normally, Google provides notice and an opportunity to address the issues leading to the Profile’s suspension. This underscores the importance of ensuring your Google Business Profile adheres to Google’s Terms of Service before seeking reinstatement from CTO Digital.

A soft suspension occurs when Google temporarily restricts your ability to edit your profile within search results or the Profile Dashboard. Soft Suspensions typically arise from violations of the Terms of Service and can affect both physical location and service area businesses. Once the violations are rectified, your Profile should return to its normal state upon reinstatement from CTO Digital.

There are numerous common reasons behind a Google My Business Suspension. Your Profile could be suspended due to a minor error that triggered a violation of the Terms of Service. Alternatively, it might result from multiple violations of the Terms of Service. There have even been instances where Google errors led to suspensions unrelated to your actions.

Yes, we ask you to make us a manager of your profile. You will still own your GMB profile one we have dealt with your reinstatement.

The reinstatement form serves as the formal document we use following the resolution of your policy violations to notify Google that your profile now complies with their Terms of Service. Upon submitting this form, we receive a distinctive ID, which we duly document and use to monitor the status of your submission. This helps us ensure there are no avoidable delays in the process. Should you have any inquiries during the reinstatement procedure, your dedicated account manager will be available to address them.

In the event that your request to reinstate your business is declined, you will still have access to view your account information, but you won’t be able to make live changes to your profile. In such instances of rejection, we will conduct a reevaluation of your Google Business Profile to identify any possible adjustments that can be made. Subsequently, we will resubmit your profile for reinstatement.

You will receive notification of your business’s reinstatement in your Google My Business dashboard. Additionally, both business owners and managers will receive an email notification from Google confirming the reinstatement of your Google Business Profile.

Yes, we can help you effectively respond to questions on your Google My Business listing. With our expertise, we can assist in crafting informative and professional responses that engage with your audience and enhance your online presence.

We can take the stress away from dealing with your GMB suspension..

We understand that resolving a Google My Business suspension is not only time consuming, it can also be quite stressful. Lots of local businesses rely on the success of their GMB listing, this makes dealing with a suspension likely to be more stressful. We take away the stress and deal with the time consuming process of getting your Google My Business listing back online. If you’re a UK based business having issues with their GMB listing, reach out to us today.

GMB Suspension

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Experience a seamless revival of your business with CTO Digital’s GMB Suspension Service. Our experts are dedicated to helping you regain your online presence by resolving Google My Business suspensions efficiently. Don’t let a suspension hold you back; trust us to navigate the complexities and ensure your business gets back on the map. With our tailored solutions and comprehensive support, your online success is just a click away. We have a wealth of experience in resolving GMB listing suspensions for almost any industry, from locksmiths, accountants, plumbers and builders, we can get your Google My Business listing back on the map whatever niche you are in.

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