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How We Measure Success for Locksmiths We Work With


We work with lots of locksmiths, but how do we measure success?

As a leading SEO agency specialising in locksmith businesses, our primary goal is to help our clients succeed in what is normally an extremely competitive market. When a search is conducted on any search engine for a locksmith, no matter what location they are in, they are likely to get an abundance of results, this makes our job more difficult but it is something that we thrive on. When it comes to measuring success in locksmith SEO, it’s not just about high rankings on search engines. While rankings are important, they’re just one piece of the puzzle. True success in locksmith SEO is about generating leads, increasing conversions, and ensuring that potential customers can easily find and contact your locksmith business. In this article, we’ll delve into the various metrics and methods we use to measure success for locksmiths.

Google Analytics

Monitoring Search Engine Coverage

Before we dive into the specific metrics, let’s talk about search engine coverage. It’s the foundation of SEO success. If your website isn’t indexed and visible to search engines, all other efforts are in vain. We use a range of tools and methods to monitor search engine coverage. Google Search Console, for example, provides insights into how many of your website pages are indexed and whether there are any issues preventing them from being crawled.

When monitoring search engine coverage for locksmith websites, we pay attention to:

Indexing Status: We ensure that all critical pages, such as service pages and contact information, are indexed.

Crawl Errors: We regularly check for crawl errors and fix them promptly to improve coverage.

Sitemaps: We submit and update sitemaps to help search engines discover and index new content.

Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings are a fundamental aspect of SEO. For locksmiths, ranking well for relevant keywords means potential customers are more likely to find your services. We use keyword tracking tools to monitor rankings for targeted keywords.

In locksmith SEO, we consider:

Local Keywords: Ranking for location-specific keywords, such as “locksmith in London’, is crucial for attracting local customers.

Long-Tail Keywords: Long-tail keywords like “emergency locksmith services” can bring highly targeted traffic.

Competitor Rankings: We keep an eye on competitor rankings to identify opportunities and trends.

Phone calls and messages

Website Users

Tracking website user data provides valuable insights into your site’s performance and user behaviour. Tools like Google Analytics offer a wealth of information about your website visitors, including demographics, source of traffic, and user engagement.

When monitoring website users for locksmith websites, we focus on:

User Demographics: Understanding your audience helps tailor your content and services to their needs.

Traffic Sources: Identifying the most effective traffic sources helps allocate resources wisely.

User Behaviour: Analysing user behaviour on your site can reveal areas for improvement.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are often the primary means of communication between potential customers and locksmith businesses. Monitoring contact form submissions is crucial for understanding how effectively your website converts visitors into leads.

To maximise the effectiveness of contact forms, we:

Track Submissions: We use tools to track the number of contact form submissions.

Optimise Form Fields: We ensure that forms are user-friendly and collect essential information.

Implement CTA (Call to Action): We place clear and compelling CTAs to encourage form submissions.

Google My Business (GMB) Stats

A well-optimised Google My Business listing is essential for local SEO success. GMB provides insights into how customers find and interact with your locksmith business online.

When monitoring GMB stats, we look at:

Calls: Tracking the number of calls made directly from your GMB listing.

Clicks: Analysing the clicks on your GMB listing to your website, directions, and phone number.

Reviews: Monitoring customer reviews and responding promptly to feedback.

Keywords: Optimising your GMB listing for multiple keywords is an easy way of getting quick results. Using terms like emergency, local, trusted along with your normal locksmith keywords will drive great results.

Direction Requests: If you’re a locksmith that works on site, the more direction requests we can achieve, the likeliness is you will be much busier.

Enquiries Received

Ultimately, the most significant metric we monitor is the number of enquiries your locksmith business receives. While high rankings and website traffic are important, the goal is to convert visitors into customers.

We prioritise:

Quality Over Quantity: It’s not just about more enquiries; it’s about qualified leads.

Conversion Rate: Measuring how many enquiries lead to actual customers.

Feedback Loop: Continuously optimising your SEO strategy based on enquiry data.

Lock repair

Handling Enquiries Correctly

It’s not enough to generate enquiries; you must also handle them correctly to turn potential customers into paying clients. Remember, these potential clients will often be in a state of panic, they are searching for a locksmith because they re likely to be locked out of their property or been burgled. Here’s how we approach it:

Prompt Response: We emphasise the importance of responding promptly to contact form submissions.

Professionalism: We ensure that all interactions, whether through email or phone, are professional and helpful.

Inbound Calls: We train staff to handle inbound calls effectively, answering questions and providing information.

Do You Handle Your Enquiries Correctly?

Here at CTO Digital, we are not only experts in SEO, we also have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to dealing with enquiries and how to turn the enquiry in to revenue. If you’re a locksmith that is getting calls and enquiries but these are not turning in to revenue, speak to an SEO Account Manager at CTO Digital and we will happily give you some guidance and advice on ways of improving your conversion rates.

SEO is NOT Just About Rankings!

In locksmith SEO, success isn’t measured solely by rankings or website traffic. It’s about the ability to generate leads, convert potential customers, and provide excellent service. By monitoring search engine coverage, keyword rankings, website users, contact forms, GMB stats, and enquiries received, locksmith businesses can gauge their online performance effectively. Remember that handling enquiries correctly is the final key to success—ensuring that potential customers receive the best experience possible.

At CTO Digital, we understand the unique challenges locksmith businesses face in the online world, we try to make life easier for you by not only generating leads for locksmiths, we also ensure our SEO reporting is clear and easy to understand. Our SEO strategies are designed to maximise your online visibility, generate quality leads, and help you succeed in this competitive industry.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your locksmith business thrive, feel free to get in touch and we can assess your website and current marketing campaigns free of charge.

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